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About Hendryx & Associates

Hendryx & Associates was founded in 2000 to develop and apply Model-Based Business Engineering� (MBBE), a software development technique based on UML modeling. With MBBE, server-side code is generated from UML models, including SQL database schema, J2EE application server code, and business rules. MBBE was applied to build the server for a theatrical distribution system for DreamWorks SKG, used for booking DreamWorks pictures in theaters in the US and Canada. Over 99% of the server-side code was generated from the MBBE models.

To make MBBE more accessible to non-technical business users, Stan Hendryx approached the OMG in January 2002 with a suggestion that the OMG establish a group to investigate the standardization of business rules in natural language. They agreed, and the Business Rules Working Group was formed, with Stan as Chairman. Over the next 18 months, BRWG membership grew and the group developed the Business Semantics of Business Rules Request for Proposal, issued in June 2003. Stan organized the Business Rules Team (BRT) in August 2003 to respond to the BSBR RFP. The BRT is a cross functional team of business rule experts, logicians, linguists, computer scientists, and consultants from the US and Europe. The result was the landmark work Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules, which was approved by the OMG on September 16, 2005, to become a final adopted specification. SBVR is the first OMG specification for natural language modeling and the first to incorporate a metamodel of formal logic.

Hendryx & Associates continues to work toward the advancement of business modeling technology. As an active member of the OMG, H&A is a co-submitter of a proposal for the Organization Structure Metamodel, and is supporting a team developing a UML Profile for the Department of Defense Architecture Framework.

Hendryx & Associates is at the forefront of SBVR implementation and application. In collaboration with Semantic Designs, H&A is developing a SBVR authoring, analysis, and transformation system, based on DMS, SD's generalized compiler technology.

About the Founder

Stan Hendryx was the instigator and a co-submitter of the OMG Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules specification (SBVR). He is co-chairman of the OMG Business Modeling & Integration Domain Task Force and Business Process Management Initiative Steering Committee, a member of the Strategic Advisory Board of the Digital Business Ecosystem project, and developer of Model-based Business Engineering�, a system engineering methodology for developing business systems from models.

Previous to founding Hendryx & Associates, Stan was Director at Nortel Networks, and Senior Manager in KPMG Consulting (now BearingPoint) responsible for architecting and implementing Web-based solutions, business opportunity assessment, and process improvements for high-tech companies. Stan has held management positions at Oracle Corporation and AT&T Bell Laboratories. He began his career with Bose Corporation, and was the first Managing Director of Bose Ireland.

Stan holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Founder and CEO
Stan Hendryx

505 South Murphy Ave :: Sunnyvale, California 94086
Ph: 408-773-8089 :: Mobile 408-218-9455

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