OMG approves Business Rules specification proposal

Sept. 16, 2005 The OMG has approved the Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules proposal to become a final adopted OMG specification.

Welcome! Hendryx & Associates helps organizations formalize their business language, rules, processes, and system requirements. Serving industry since 2000.

10/27/2005 Stan Hendryx to appear on  panel
at an upcoming meeting on Business Process Management for a joint meeting of SDForum ( and SofTECH ( at the Golden Gate Club in the Presidio of San Francisco.

10/24-27/2005 OMG Second Annual Architecture-Driven Modernization Workshop: A Model-driven approach to modernizing IT systems. Dr. Ira Baxter, Semantic Designs (presenting), and Stan Hendryx, Hendryx & Associates, "A Standards-based Approach to Extracting Business Rules from Legacy Software Systems" -- using DMS and SBVR.

10/13/2005 OMG convenes Service Oriented Architecture Working Group

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